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For over 17 years,HHC has been successful for 316 enterprises at home and abroad to provide non-standard hardware accessories.
What metal stampings process?[ 07-02 15:48 ]
Stamping process can be divided into separate processes and forming processes (divided bending, deep drawing, forming) two categories. Separation step are separated from each other in the stamping process, to the stamping of the blank along a contour line, while the section of the separation quality stampings must meet certain requirements; stamping the blank molding step is to occur in the plastic deformation without breaking, and transformed into the final shape required, but also should satisfy the other requirements dimensional tolerances. Cold stamping and hot stamping in two ways accordi
Punching encountered bigger or smaller production metal stampings how to do?[ 07-02 15:39 ]
Metal stamping parts production will encounter in their daily punching well as bigger or smaller punch size difference between the larger case, in addition to considering forming convex and concave mold design dimensions, precision blanking clearance and other factors, in addition to these should be considered to address the following aspects.
How to customed the non-standard hardware accessories?[ 07-02 14:22 ]
You can call Haohaichang ,we sincerely provide service for you.
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